-ish [ish]
1. [ME < OE -isc, akin to Ger -isch, L -iscus, Gr -iskos] forming adjectives
a) of or belonging to (a specified nation or people) [Spanish, Irish]
b) like or characteristic of [devilish, boyish]
c) tending to be or verging on being (a specified person or thing) [knavish]
d) somewhat, rather [tallish, bluish]
e) Informal approximately, about [thirtyish]
2. [ME -ishen, -ischen, -issen < OFr -iss-, -is-, stem element in pres. tense < L -isc-, in inceptive verbs] forming verbs: it was generalized from certain verbs of French origin [finish, cherish, punish]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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